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AquaDoodle Magic Water Pens Set (Pack of 8)

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aqua doodle in action

Are your kids tired of traditional coloring that leads to mess and stains? Imagine a world where creativity knows no bounds, and every stroke is a magical adventure. Say goodbye to stained walls and hello to AquaDoodle Magic Water Pens – where art meets cleanliness!

Traditional coloring methods often leave parents stressed and homes messy. Spilled ink, stained hands, and hours spent scrubbing are now a thing of the past. Introducing AquaDoodle, the solution to your coloring woes.

  • Mess-Free Magic: AquaDoodle brings you a mess-free coloring experience with its water-based pens. No more worries about ink spills or stained clothes.

  • Vivid Colors, Endless Possibilities: Our pack of 8 colorful pens allows your little ones to unleash their creativity. From floating animals to vibrant flowers, the possibilities are endless.

  • Quick-Drying & Traceless: AquaDoodle pens feature quick-drying water-based ink. The artwork dries in seconds and leaves no trace, making it the ideal choice for a clean and enjoyable coloring session.

  • Safe & Certified: Our pens are crafted with certified non-toxic ink, ensuring safety for your little artists. The easy grip is perfect for small hands, making it a secure learning tool.

aqua doodle in action - 2

Picture this
– your child engrossed in a world of floating animals and vibrant colors. AquaDoodle not only brings joy but also enhances their cognitive skills through interactive learning. Did you know that children engaged in creative activities develop better problem-solving skills?

Some parents struggles with the aftermath of traditional coloring methods. Stained clothes, ink spills, and endless cleaning sessions led to the creation of AquaDoodle – a magical solution to foster creativity without the mess.

How To Use

  1. Draw: Use the AquaDoodle pens to draw on any water-resistant surface, such as a bowl or spoon. (Shake before use)

  2. Dry: Wait for at least 5 seconds to let the pattern dry.

  3. Float: Gently immerse the drawn item in water and watch it magically float.

  4. TIP - First try on a small area to see if it working and you are able to wipe clean off.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Does the ink leak?

    • Answer: No, our water-based ink ensures a mess-free coloring experience.
  • Question: Different colors available?

    • Answer: Yes, each set contains 8 vibrant colors. Check the image for reference.
  • Question: What type of surface is suitable for drawing?

    • Answer: Any water-resistant surface like a bowl or spoon works perfectly.
  • Question: How to dry and clean?

    • Answer: The self-drying ink can be easily removed with a towel, leaving the surface fresh and new.

Experience the magic of AquaDoodle – where imagination knows no bounds, and mess is a thing of the past. 🎨✨

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