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CozyGear Shift Hoodie - Fun Car Interior Upgrade

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Does your car's gear shift need a fashion makeover? Imagine the joy of slipping into a CozyGear Shift Hoodie – an adorable accessory that adds flair to your daily drive. Say goodbye to a dull gear stick and elevate your driving experience with style!

  • Eye-Catching Design: Elevate your car's interior with our vibrant, assorted-color fabric covers.

  • Universal Fit: Crafted from quality fabric, our gear shift hoodie is designed to fit most car models.

  • Easy Installation: Slip it on effortlessly, giving your gear stick a cozy, fashionable look in seconds.

  • Protective and Fun: Not just for looks, CozyGear also shields your gear stick from wear and tear.


Question: Is it easy to install?
Answer: Absolutely! CozyGear slips on effortlessly, no tools needed.

Question: Will it fit my car?
Answer: CozyGear is designed for universal fit, ensuring it suits most gear shifts.

Question: How do I clean it?
: Hand wash with mild detergent for lasting coziness.

Question: Which color do i get?
: Sorry, you cannot pick a color, it is randomly sent depending on availability.

How To Use:

  1. Slide the CozyGear Shift Hoodie over your gear stick.
  2. Adjust it for a perfect fit.
  3. Enjoy the cozy, stylish upgrade every time you hit the road!

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